Retail Payment Options

Retail site payment options:

When your retail site is set up, it is set up to accept payment by bank deposit / EFT or Postal order / cheque.

You can change this on your admin.
You can choose here whether you would like to offer payment by:

  1. bank deposit -your bank details are emailed to the customer
  2. credit card – their credit card details are emailed to you and you need to process this yourself. See below or click here for more info
  3. postal order / cheque – your address is emailed to the customer
  4. payfast  – online payment system. Read more here.

Tick the payment options that you would like to offer on your website and submit and your site will then instantly change to accept this form of payment.

Payfast is an online secure method of accepting credit card, ukash & EFT (internet bank transfers). No monthly charges or set up fee but they take a % of each transaction.
Read more about it on You have to sign up for it and they will give you a payfast ID number which you need to enter where you edit your contact details. If you want them to process the cards for you, you will need to get approved by payfast
 by faxing through various proofs of address & bank account. Only once you have done this should you choose to accept payment via payfast.

Credit card: If you don’t use payfast, you can use this more manual credit card option. If you choose this payment option, if you receive an order from your website where they have entered their credit card details for payment, it is then up to YOU to process the credit card transaction. If you do not have you own credit card machine, it is not a problem as you can accept credit card payments using a company called Wappoint. Go to: for more information. NB: Wappoint is not connected to us or Herbalife in any way.