Permission from your Upline President team

According to Herbalife regulations, we need written permission from your upline qualified President Team Member to use the CoroNet websites. We can only process the payment and set up the website as long as we have received this permission.

If you are in the following teams you can go ahead as we already have the necessary permission (alphabetical order): Peter Adcock, Morne Barnard, Deryck & Laurette Boliter, Bea Chory, Norval Coskey, Maria and Oskar Finnsson, Sue Green, Carin Hendricks Smith, Angela Jackson, Roni Kermode, Merl & Tony Lau, Elizabeth Lekanyane, Shawn Lewis, Elsa Nimb, Illoma Pattinson, Debbie Rich,  Andrew Schultze, Rob Taylor, Jean & Chris Thompson,   Nico van Staden, Delia Vernes, ,Mark & Jenny von Senger, Leon Weisbein, Jeff & Debbie Williams, Kelly & Brett Yeatman.
If your upline President team is not on the list, email them with this info below and attach this Permission form.

Dear President Team

I am interested in ordering a website for my Herbalife business from Is this fine with you or do you recommend any other website system for my business? In order for me to order a website from them, Coronet request that you give your permission. Here is a message from them regarding this permission.

Att: President Team

We provide recruiting and retail websites for many Herbalife Distributors in Southern Africa.
We just want to check with you if you have any objection to people in your down line using our websites. Full information on our websites are on .

Our policy is to never contact / email any of your team directly to advertise CoroNet, but they may hear about our website service through word of mouth and they can subscribe to the websites online.
There we state very clearly that they must get permission from their President upline.
In order to set up websites for your team, we need your signed permission to keep  on record if you are in favour of your team using CoroNet websites.   Or if you prefer you can give permission to each member individually.
If you would like to give permission to members in your downline to use our site, please could you acknowledge this by signing this form and email to You can withdraw this permission at any time.

Yours sincerely

Your name