How to change domain

Costs to change your domain name:

If you want to change your domain name, there are 2 options you can use from.  

 1)You will need to go through the whole order form process, pay R80 set up and R150 domain and we will set you up a new website. We recommend that you download all your prospects and orders for your own records as you will no longer have your existing prospects recorded on the new domain.

2)  Or if you are happy to keep the original domain name together with the new domain, you could order another domain on another server and have it pointed it to your existing site. Some servers charge for this and others don’t. This way you get to keep your existing admin with prospect and order details, but you will then be paying for 2 domains.
Sorry that we are not able to offer a simpler solution. The way our sites are set up makes it impossible to do it any other way.