Choosing your Domain Name:

Our tips for choosing a domain name:

  • A quick place to look for domains before you order it on our ordering site , is to go to (bottom right – click on ‘domain check’) Enter a domain name and it will tell you if other extensions like .com or .net are available. Ignore as that is for non-profit websites only.DON’T ORDER THE DOMAIN THERE, just take note of the available address and go back to
  • .com, are the best extensions to use, but you could also choose .org or .net. Don’t order .de as that can only be set up on a German server. Also we don’t offer as that is for non commercial websites only.
  • If you are battling to think of a name,   is a great website to get ideas except unfortunately they don’t do’s, but you can enter as many names as you like, it will tell you what is available and then it also gives you a huge list of alternative names. Ones you now have more ideas, go back to our site to order.
  • If you are still battling, try adding hyphens in the word – there are a lot of good names available with hyphens in like
  • Do check spelling before you place the order, it is not possible to change afterwards, if you want to change your domain name you would need to re-order the domain. There are no refunds for misspelt names.
  • Keep it as short as possible – remember adverts often charge per letter and there are only so many letters that can fit on an advert line.
  • Distributors may not use the name ‘Herbalife’ or ‘Shapeworks’, or other intellectual property of Herbalife (or any variations thereon) in domain names or email address.
  • Recruiting websites should not include the words health, thin, slim, body, diet, fat, etc. Instead, the terms relating to health and body change are reserved for Product websites.  This is because when you are advertising the recruiting site you are often targeting someone who is looking to make money & is not thinking about their health and will think immediately that this is a business selling health products. It is better to give yourself time to show them the whole picture after they click on the advert, not before.
  • Retail websites CANNOT INCLUDE the words herbalife, shapeworks, or other trademark names and we advise that you don’t put the words wealth or business opportunity within it.  Distributors may not use the name ‘Herbalife’ or ‘Shapeworks’, or other intellectual property of Herbalife (or any variations thereon) in domain names or email address.

NB: NO REFUNDS ON DOMAIN NAMES: Choosing a domain name is the most important part of the ordering process. Once you have registered the domain name, it is not possible to cancel it unless you tell us within a few hours and we are able to cancel the order for you. But we cannot guarantee this. If you want to change your domain name, you will need to completely re-order the website on our 8 step online order form. You will also need to pay for the set up fee and domain registering fee again.

Click here to read how to change your domain name.