Wholesale Club

Wholesale Club offer.

You can offer on your website for people to join your ‘Wholesale Club’ to qualify for 25% discount on all products.

For this they would need to order the IBP from you.

Not everyone wants to offer this option, so it isn’t on the initial site that we set you up with. However, if you would like to offer it on your main website, choose template 5 and the 25% discount option will then be available on your site.

If you choose to rather not have it on your website, at any time you can send your customers to yourdomain.com/discount.php and the page will come up offering that customers can join the wholesale club where they will get 25% disount if they buy the IBP.

For example if you look on our testing site http://www.retail.coronet.co.za  you will see there is no link for the 25% discount, but if I send you to http://www.retail.coronet.co.za/discount.php  the page come up.

It’s like a secret page, clever heh!

The wording on this secret page looks like this below:

Join our Wholesale Club to qualify for 25% discount on all products.
Wholesale Club membership is designed to reward long term customers.
We have set up this amazing discount buyers programme to make our products more affordable than ever!Your wholesale membership  will allow you to place all your future orders directly from us at 25% discount.  No min order value.Our  Wholesale Club Kit (IBP) costs R795 and contains the following  products:

  • Formula 1 Nutritional Shake mix (Vanilla)
  • Formula 2 Multivitamin/herbal supplement
  • Fibre & Herb tablets
  • 50g Thermojetics (Original)

All future orders you place with us will be at 25% discount.

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