Retailing Website (South African products only)

When we set it up for you it is all personalised with YOUR details and your own web address.

Product, weight loss, health, sport, pictures, questionnaire, free newsletter … has everything to help a person decide to order the products from you!

South African products only.
Try out our testing site

H24 Sports range went onto all retail websites – see This is the sports link on the website. We also have a template that makes the whole website look like this.

Weightloss Challenge template. Have a look at testing site If you change to template 13 your site will look like this too.

On your admin site you can change your site in so many ways.

  • You have a choice of 12 banners and 12 templates – more info.
  • You can edit the text on the front page and the bottom right block,
  • add custom html and links to other sites and  edit your metatags.
  • You can add your own testimonial and picture to the testimonial page.
  • You can also add a choice of various ‘Capture’ pages which then become the front page of your website and any one who hits on your site. The reason for a capture page is to ask the prospect for contact details before they can access the rest of your website. Once the prospect has entered their name & email on the capture page, you choose which page on your website you would like them to go to – if you choose a capture page that targets weightloss, we recommend you choose the home page. Or if you don’t want them to go to the product website at all until you have had time to phone them, you could just direct them to a questionnaire page which asks for more information about them and doesn’t have links to the rest of the website at all.
  • Editable first autoresponder email: The  first letter that goes out to the prospects from the capture page looks great. It picks up the same banner that you have chosen for your website and inserts it into the email. If you have put your testimonial & picture on your website, you will notice that this appears on the email as well.
  • You can edit the shipping & guarantees page which tells the customer how you will post out their orders and you can edit how much you want to charge for postage.
  • You can edit the ways you wish to accept payment for products – more info.

The retail website includes a BMI calculator & newsletter subscription option. Plus you can now send people directly to certain links on your site. For example go to:   for weightloss stories and to   for sports and testimonials, to to find out about our incredible energy drink etc. We even have a secret page which you can direct people to (on your website address of course) – or if you want to offer this discount on your website, simply choose template 5.

It also includes an automated follow up system. 10 follow up emails that go out every 4 days to anyone who fills out the questionaire, newsletter signup or capture page on the retail site. They contain a interesting combination of health information, product info with testimonials and pictures. New people (potential or existing customers) can also be added on the admin site to receive all the retail follow up letters too.

Shopping Basket
When someone clicks on each product they want to order, the shopping basket adds up the order automatically. Once they submit the order, two things happen.
1. They are emailed a confirmation of their order. If they chose ‘bank details’, the email automatically puts in your bank details and fax number for them to fax the deposit slip to.
2. You are emailed their order, and it will tell you which payment option they chose. You can offer various payment options (more info). They will be sent an email confirming their order. If they chose to pay by cheque / postal order – your postal address is sent to them. If they chose to pay by payfast a ‘Pay Now’ link is emailed to them.  If they chose to pay by bank deposit, then  they will be emailed your bank details. It is then up to you to post them the product. Postage costs are included in the price and you can edit this on your admin.

Questionaire (Health Assessment) & Follow up system
The website has a questionaire / Health assessment form, where a prospective customer can fill in their details and health problems.
When they submit, three things happen.
1. They immediately get an auto responder email letter, personalised with your contact details, giving them interesting info about Herbalife.
2. You also get their details so you can then reply with your suggestions on what products would suit them best, based on their answers to the questionaire.

Contact page
This page has all your personal details on it which you can edit on your admin site.

Your testimonial
You can add your testimonial to the success stories page via your admin. Email us your photo and we’ll add that in too.

Admin Site
You have control over your own details on your website on your own administration website.

We update the website whenever necessary (ex. new products) at no extra charge.