Take the first step to the life you deserve.

We can show you the potential of putting profits into your pocket with a fair compensation plan
where your age, skills, background, experience and education are not pre-requisites
to determining your success with our business.

Chase your dreams with passion.

Exclusive support/training websites using excellent tools to help you build your business worldwide or just locally. It is up to you!

Build a business on the Internet.

  1. Tap into huge, expanding global markets working online!
  2. We provide the experience and training.
Meet Andrew & Debbie Rich-Schulze ...... former Beauty Therapist and an ex-musician/sailor
"We started initially very part-time earning R10,000 / US$1700 extra a month and this doubled and doubled again and then last month we earned an incredible R100,000 / US$17,000. All we do is copy what successful people tell us to do."

We are here to help you succeed!

  1. You will not have to answer to a boss and you will make your own decisions.
  2. You work the hours you choose - be it part-time or full-time.
Meet Deryck and Laurette Boliter
"This business changed our lives forever. In our first month part-time, we made a profit of US$250 / R2500. The support systems and training available have helped us to now earn in excess of US$3,000 / R30,000 per month. It's been a dream come true for our family and ourselves. We now around our children and enjoy a unique quality of life."

Imagine working your own home business either part-time or full-time and potentially having access to the following list of benefits:

  1. We provide you with excellent websites and system services and your background or computer knowledge is not a pre-requisite for you to successfully utilise our product.  
  2. A business that is affordable and efficient so that anyone, regardless of time restraints, can potentially take advantage of the plan of action.
  3. You will not have to answer to a boss and you will make your own decisions.

Thousands of individuals have already JOINED this Business Opportunity.
We seek to assist you in achieving financial success.

The Internet & Technology.

In today's world, one of the quickest ways to earn extra income stream is to take advantage of the Internet.
Many people are ready to do some sort of business online, they just don't know where to start
We link you up with our marketing techniques with something people need, and most of all,
a consumable product that many people want.
Our user friendly websites are also accessible to users with limited computer experience.
Meet Elizabeth Lekganyane
"My life changed from a housewife and a mother to an international business woman through this wonderful business. My first cheque was R490 / US$80 and through taking it one step at a time I was soon earning R17,000 / US$2,500 and the last few months my monthly income has been over R120,000. For me it is so wonderful seeing many different people from all different backgrounds changing their lives for the better."

Join a winning team!

Meet Martyn and Karen Farmer(UK)
"who work from their beautiful, converted farmhouse in the Lake District, England. Karen says 'I had just sold my interest in a successful HOTEL business and started OUTSIDE CATERING from home. It was seasonal, demanding, and insufficiently profitable. Then, Martyn came home with this opportunity.' He continues, 'I had worked 20 years in the MOTOR INDUSTRY and felt I had very little to show for it. I dreaded the thought of another 20 years of the same. This was just the challenge I was looking for. We now work together, have the most exciting lifestyle and earn over £400,000 per year. "

There is no franchise involved.  You won't need employees.

You are your own boss, but our team will provide you with support via telephone, internet and live training workshops. You may proceed at your own pace! Incomes are determined by your own efforts.

It's up to you.
Gary & Jennifer de Brabender(Australia)
"Gary was a bar manager & Jennifer did part-time clerical work & house cleaning in Australia before they discovered the opportunity that changed their lives incredibly. Now they drive a Rolls Royce, a BMW convertible, own four homes and a nine-acre estate. ‘Our dream was to build a financial wall of security for our old age, and by working this opportunity, we could retire , right now, and never work again. "

Do you want the potential to design and secure your own FINANCIAL future?

Here is the key - You will be following a plan of action.
Don't let your financial past determine your financial future.
YOU decide - what is your future worth?
Iloma Pattinson
Iloma was a housewife and mother and Terry was a shareholder in a very lucrative construction company but thestress of running such a large company had made its mark. We tried numerous times to set up our own business. Butnone were very successful and in the end, we lost our cars, home and actually everything we owned, in a disastroushydroponics farming venture. Then we heard of the Herbalife opportunity and I saw so clearly why we had failedbefore. Our first month, we made R2,094.19 / US$350 and by the sixth month R13,400 / US$2,230 part-time. After 15 years, I now gross R1.2million annually and have financial freedom thanks to Herbalife.

Thousands of individuals have
already JOINED this Business Opportunity.

We seek to assist YOU in
achieving financial success.



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