Ordering a CoroNet recruiting or retailing website:

Before you place your order, please ensure you read and comply with the following:

  • According to Herbalife regulations, we need written permission from your upline qualified President Team Member to use the CoroNet websites. We already have permission from quite a few president team members –  click here to see the President Team Members who have given permission already.************************************************************
  • Terms & Conditions (click HERE) In particular, please note that NO SPAMMING is allowed. Spam is sending an unsolicited message by way of email, fax, cellphone sms / text, to any persons, entities, newsgroups, forums, e-mail lists or other groups or lists unless prior authorization has been obtained from the recipient which explicitly permits sending communication to them, or unless a business or personal relationship has already been established with the recipient.***********************************************
  • We highly advise that you read our tips on ordering a domain and that you read through the steps below beforehand to make sure you have all the information you need.

Click HERE to order the websites online. Email support@coronet.co.za if you have any problems on the order form when ordering a website.Order

8 Step procedure for ordering our websites:

Step 1: Welcome
Join CoroNet superior hosting services and order a Recruiting and / or Retailing Herbalife website. Click on ‘Continue’.Step 2 – Account Type
Choose whether you want to order the ‘retail‘ or ‘recruiting‘ website or both. It is much better if you order both together because then you get only one client number & password to enter your admin site.Step 3 – Domain Check
If you don’t have your own domain name, choose a domain name, click continue, and it will tell you if it has been taken or not.
Then click on the first option: ‘Register as a new domain name into my ownership’ and click‘Continue’ to take you to Step 4
  • Domains are R150 for a “.co.za” domain, and R150 for “.com”s etc.
  • Domain yearly renewal fees are R100 for a .co.za and R150 for .coms and all others.

Choosing your domain name is the most important step in this ordering process and so
we highly recommend that you read our
Tips for choosing the right domain name first. NB – you cannot change your domain name after ordering it without completely re-ordering the website again.
NB: Distributors may not use the name ‘Herbalife’ or ‘Shapeworks’, or other intellectual property of Herbalife (or any variations thereon) in domain names or email address.

If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, you have 2 choices:

  • 1.’Please assist me in transferring my existing domain’ There is a cost involved. R150 to transfer your own domain to our server plus you would need to pay for an extra year domain registration (ie if you already have registered it for 2 years, you would then have 3). Transfers can take from 3 days up till 6 weeks depending on your server.
  • 2.OR choose ‘I will point my existing domain name to the server’ (you don’t have to transfer your domain, you can just point it to our server by modify the ‘dns settings / nameservers’ for your domain, at your registrar (the company you’ve registered your domain name through), to the settings we will send you.) Click here for instructions on how to do this.
    and click ‘Continue‘ to take you to Step 4.

Step 4 – Owner Details
Fill out all your personal details. You will also need to fill in your Herbalife ID number as well as your Upline Herbalife President and Tab team member so have this information handy.

Step 5 – Billing details
Here you will see how much the website will cost you initially and in the future. Choose your payment option – 3 months / 6 months or 12 months. You can choose to pay by debit order (by entering your bank account details or credit card here) or by direct deposit.
Credit Card payment is the fastest method: If you choose credit card, we can usually set up the website straight away and then it usually takes up to 48hrs to be setup completely. If you choose debit order, then we have to process the debit order and wait up to 2 days to receive confirmation that it has gone through, and only then can the site be set up and then it will be another 24hrs after that. Click HERE for full details on costs of websites.

Step 6 – Bank Details
If you chose to pay 12 months by direct deposit you will bypass this page. If you chose to pay by debit order, you will need to fill in your bank account details. (your credit card details are acceptable for a debit order as well and credit cards can be processed straight away but debit orders can take up to 2 days to receive confirmation that it has gone through, so it means that it could be 3 or 4 working days before your website is up and running)

Step 7 – Confirm Order
Check all the details you have entered so far are correct. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Place order.

Step 8 – Web Site
This page brings up all the details you have already submitted in previous pages. On this page you have the opportunity to change any of the details if you want different details to go into your Recruiting website.

Voila – your website will be set up. 

  • However we will only process the payment and set up the website if we have signed permission from your upline President Team member, for you to use the CoroNet websites. We will let you know if we don’t have this.
  • Once this has been confirmed, you should see it up and running within 3 working days after your payment has been processed (NB credit cards can be processed straight away but debit orders can take up to 2 days to receive confirmation that it has gone through, so it means that it could be 4 – 5 working days before your website is up and running)
  • You will get an email from CoroNet confirming the order and you will start receiving training emails on how to use your website.
  • You will receive an email subject‘Account Ready’ as soon as your website is up and running. This email is important as it contains the passwords to access your admin site and set up your free website email.
  • You will be emailed an invoice shortly after your order.  Click HERE for more info on how much.
  • NB: It is very important to test your website to ensure that your website is working perfectly and that you have entered the correct contact details on your initial application. This information (name, email, telephone, fax, bank details) goes onto the autoresponders and follow up letters that go out from your website, so please check that they are in correctly. This is important before advertising your website!

Click HERE to order the websites online now.