Q: What forms of payment will I accept on the websites.
When your website is set up, it is set up to accept payment by credit card or bank deposit. You can change this on your admin.
Choose whether you 
want to offer Credit card, Bank deposit, Cheque / Postal order and / or Paypal.

Q: Once my website is set up, if someone pays by credit card, does the money go automatically into my bank account.
A: No, you have to process the credit cards yourself using a system like wappoint.
Click here on more info on how to process credit cards. They are great systems to use as you can accept credit card payment wherever you are, just using your cell phone.
We also offer Paypal as an option for automatic online payment, but this is only suitable for people who are working overseas as well as in SA and have a foreign bank account.  Click HERE for more info on Paypal.

Q: Is it possible to combine the retail and recruiting website so that I only need one domain?
A: No, the retail and recruiting sites are 2 completely different separate website. You can choose to order 1 or both, but if you want both you will need to order 2 sites with 2 separate domain names.

Q: Is it possible to combine the 2 websites (retail and recruiting) in any way?
A: They only way to combine them is to put a link to your recruiting website on your retail website and a link to your retail website on your recruiting. We supply banners and the code so that you can put banners on any website that you wish to link to your own – great for banner exchange systems which is a great way to advertise.  On both sites there is the option to add your own personal story / testimonial, and you could add the link to your own site there.

Q: Where do I get the Decision packages from?
A: HWI@Print&Copy – go to http://www.hwisupport.co.za/Order_forms.html to download the order forms.NB: If you get an order for a Decision package but can’t process the credit card or don’t have one in stock – you can get HWI @ PrintandCopy to send out the package and process the credit card for you. You earn no profit from this but it is quick and easy. See on page 2 of the order form.

Q: If I already have a domain name ordered elsewhere, how can I use this domain name?
A: you have 2 choices on our online order form: ‘1. Please assist me in transferring my existing domain’ Recommended to do this route but there is a cost involved. R150 to transfer your own domain to our server plus you would need to pay for an extra year domain registration (ie if you already have registered it for 2 years, you would then have 3). OR choose ‘2. I will point my existing domain name to the server’ (you don’t have to transfer your domain, you can just point it to our server by modify the ‘dns settings / nameservers’ for your domain, at your registrar (the company you’ve registered your domain name through)
Click here to find out how to do this.

Q: How do I advertise my website?
A: Once your site is set up you will have access to our training site that has training on how to advertise using google adwords, banner exchange and other methods.