Total cost per website are as follows:
Current fees:

Set up fee R80 (once off payment) per website.

Hosting Fee R80 a month to be paid quarterly (i.e. 3 months at a time) per website. If you order a Retail & Recruiting website it is R160 a month.

If you choose to pay every 3 months:
Set up: R80
3 Months hosting fee: R240 (R80x3)
Domain registration: domains for R175
.com and all other domains for R250


If you choose to pay yearly:
Set up: R80
12 months hosting fee: R846 (R80 x 12 – R114 discount for paying for the year)
Domain registration: domains for R175
.com and all other domains for R250


NB: This is cost per website – ie if you have retail and recruiting it will be double.
Payment methods for websites:
If you would like to pay every 3 months then we accept payment by debit order only.
No bank deposits or internet transfers.
Debit order can be made by simply entering your bank account details or credit card details on our order form.
The debit order will be set up by us, there are no forms for you to fill in.
If you choose to pay for 12 months hosting, then you can do a bank deposit for the full amount.
You will be invoiced and billed shortly after you order and if there is still time before the end of the month, then for this first month you are only billed for the days left in the month plus the 2 following months.
For example if you order and you are billed on the 20th, then we bill you for 3months (including the month you signed up in) minus a pro-rata discount for the days missed for the month of sign up.
e.g R80 x 3 months = R240 MINUS aprox R50 (20 days x daily amount)
= aprox R190 hosting for the first period. (2 months & 10 days).Thereafter we invoice around the 24 – 26 of the final month that has been paid for for the full 3 months. We then deduct the money on the first working day of the next month or the last working day of that month.
Domain renewal fees:
After a year of having your website, you will need to renew your domain name. Domain yearly renewal fees are R100 for a and R150 for .coms and all others. 
You can terminate your website at any time and you will not be charged another bill. If you have paid for the 3 or 12 months then you will not be refunded for any of these months that you have paid for already.


Domain transfer fees:
If you already have a domain name registered elsewhere, you can choose on the online order form to transfer your domain to the CoroNet Server. Recommended to do this route but there is a cost involved.

  • R150 to transfer your own domain to our server plus you would need to pay for an extra year domain registration (ie if you already have registered it for 2 years, you would then have 3).

OR you can choose to point your existing domain to our server. That is,you don’t have to transfer your domain, you can just point it to our server by modifying the ‘dns settings’ for your domain, at your registrar (the company you’ve registered your domain name through), to the settings we will send you.

NO REFUNDS ON DOMAIN NAMES: Choosing a domain name is the most important part of the ordering process. Once you have registered the domain name, it is not possible to cancel it unless you tell us within a few hours and we are able to cancel the order for you. But we cannot guarantee this. If you want to change your domain name, you will need to completely re-order the website on our 8 step online order form. You will also need to pay for the set up fee and domain registering fee again. Let us know you are doing this and we will be able to link it to your existing hosting fees.


Costs to change your domain name:

If you want to change your domain name, you have 3 options:
1)You will need to go through the whole order form process, pay R80 set up and R150 domain and we will set you up a new website. We recommend that you download all your prospects for your own records as you will lose all record of your prospects. If you email us to let us know that this website is replacing another one that you are cancelling, you will remain on the same invoicing timeline (so you don’t have to pay for 3 months upfront if you have already paid for 1 or 2 months)
2) Or if you are happy to keep the original domain name together with the new domain, you could order another domain on another server and have it pointed it to your existing site. Some servers charge for this and others don’t.