Cancellation of a CoroNet website.

To cancel your website, it is very easy.

Simply email and let them know your website address and when you want to cancel your website. They will email you confirmation of your termination within a few days. If you don’t receive this confirmation do follow up to make sure they received your email.

If you want to cancel your website and no longer want to be billed you must advise them before the 25th of the month so payment is not processed. We send out invoices on the 20th so you have time to cancel. So the notice period is at least 5 working days before last working day of the month.

In the event of cancellation after the 25th but before month end we charge an R80 admin fee as the money will be collected but will then have to be refunded.

The onus is on you to ensure that Spaceacre receives your termination request.

If you’d like to keep the domain name you need to contact Hetzner (or another server of your choice) to open an account with them. Once the account has been opened with Hetzner you can then request transfer from Spaceacre to Hetzner. Once Hetzner have the domain they can park it for you.
contact hetzner(021 970 2000)

It’s advisable to do this before you cancel the website as Spaceacre cancel the domain and hosting at the same time.