Banners and Templates

Banners and Templates on the retail site

To change the banner that appears on your website, on your admin – go to Select banners – click on the circles to the left to indicate which banner you would like to appear at the top of your website. Or you can choose to display a custom message that will appear within the banners on the templates.

To change the template – go to ‘Select Template’ on your admin and choose which template you’d like to use. So you can mix and match templates with the banners. You can also edit all the wording on your front page.



Here are more previews of the template on our site. If you click on any of the links on the previews, it hops over to the actual template it is set on, but this doesn’t happen once you’ve chosen the template.
Also on most of the templates you can change the top banner to one of the above.   Blue template – you can choose different banners   Same but green   Same but orange   Same as template 2 but offers 25% discount link  Yellow sunflower  A red & green, fresh, fruity look. New business opp link. Sports template focussing on the H24 range

Capture Page templates:
You can choose to put a ‘capture page’ which goes in front of the website (optional). These previews don’t show up the banner on some of these, – this is because it chooses the same banner you’ve chosen on the rest of the site.