Admin Login

Click HERE to login to the admin site.

You will then need to enter your client number & password to enter. You will have received the client number and Password in the email auto responder, subject ‘Account Ready‘.

If you don’t know your personal client name & password, click here and go to ‘Request client number & password’. Provide your website domain name (leave out the www) and the email address supplied in your original sign-up, and your client number and password will be emailed to you automatically.NB: If you find it a pain to have to enter your client number & password every time to get into your admin site…..once you are in, simply save it in your Favorites. When you click on the link in your favorites, it will take you straight in, without having to re-enter your passwords. However you will have to enter your client number & password if you wish to change your contact & billing details.

You will then go to your admin page where you can manage many aspects of your website.

Billing Information

  • Personal details (These are your contact details that we can reach you on if we have a question about your billing)
  • Banking details ( You can check out your billing details for your website here and edit them if need be. )
  • Logout ( If you are planning to leave your recruiting website admin and then go to your retail site admin, then you must ‘Log Out’ rather than just closing the webpage otherwise you will go back to the admin of your recruiting website again.

Website Information

  • Change password. (You can change your password to something easier to remember)
  • Your Recruiting site information (Here you can change your details that go into your website, auto responders and follow up letters)
  • Site Administration (This is where most of the functions of your admin are, as well as full instructions and training on how to use them.